The ORG. t-shirt (custom)


Simple yet meaningful is what this ORG. tees reflects. The word 'ORG' is short from for organisation in English, but in Malay, it is typically used as a short from for 'Orang' (person). – If your place is not listed, hey, don't worry! Leave a note when you check out, and we will make it happen. (Name of place should not exceed 8 characters)

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Material: Premium 100% cotton t-shirt
Jenis kain: Baju-T 100% kapas yang berkualiti tinggi.

Type of printing/Jenis cetakan: Heat press

Sizes available: XS to XXL
Saiz yang kami tawarkan: XS hingga XXL

Tee size chart:
Carta saiz baju:

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you selected the correct size. We will not entertain returns and complaints caused by mistakes due to the wrong selection of t-shirt size.
PENTING: Sila pastikan saiz baju anda betul. Pertukaran baju akibat kesilapan menempah saiz baju tidak akan dilayan.

Delivery information:
Delivery will be made by POSLAJU only, and it will be shipped out to you within 3 working days.
Maklumat penghantaran:
Semua penghantaran akan menggunakan POSLAJU sahaja, dan akan dihantar di dalam 3 hari bekerja ke pejabat pos.



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