1. Why do we not have a brick and mortar store and why are our prices so low?
We are a wholly Internet-based company with no store front. The reason for this is because we aim to pass the costs savings in store front and etc to our customers. Imagine paying a retailer extra for his rent and inventory, that would be a lose-lose situation for both the retailer and the customers, and the only person laughing will be the landlord. Hence, we came up with this business model.

2. Are your items genuine?
Yes, all our items are 100% Genuine straight from local distributors.  Most items sold here are designed and made by us.

3. Where do we obtain your items from?
Official kits come from their official respective stores. Stickers and tees by SarawakCrocs are designed and created by us.

4. How do you ship items?

We only ship items using POS Malaysia.  For stickers, we will use POS Daftar or POS Express, and large items would be shipped using POS Laju.

5. Do you do Cash on Delivery?
Cash on Delivery (COD) is only available by request in selected areas in Kuching City, and will incur cost as we need to spend money to meet you up.

6. Do I get a discount off the actual price if I pay by Meet-up? 
No. Meeting up, or paying by COD is just an incentive to build consumers’ confidence towards Kedey SarawakCrocs.  For those outside of selected Kuching areas, meet-up of COD is not available.

7. Can I track my parcel/item delivery?
Yes you can. This is why we only ship items using POS Laju / Pos Daftar and POS Express.  To ensure delivery is easy, kindly use an address that has a person ready to receive the parcel.

8. Why do you only offer payment via bank transfer?
The use of credit cards, and numerous payment gateways incur additional cost.  This will jack up the prices in our store. For now, we will only accept payment by bank transfer, either by online transfer, or the Cash Deposit Machine.

9. If I paid more than needed, will you refund my balance?
Yes we will. Your balance would be refunded in the package, or if you can furnish us your Maybank banking details, it will be refunded to your Maybank account.

10. If the item/merchandise is damaged, can I replacement it?
We allow replacement within 3 days if the damage is due to manufacturing defects. However, please do note that we always check all merchandise before sending it out.  For replacements, the buyer needs to bear the item return cost.

11. Is your website secure? What kind of information do you collect?
Yes, our website is secure. You can view our Privacy Policy by clicking here.
We strictly only collect information that you have provided us on the order page ie Name, Email, Postage Address (optional) and Contact Number. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy page.

12. Are the prices final?
Yes, all our prices are nett and final.

13. Do you print stickers?
Yes, please fill up the form here and email back to us at admin@sarawakcrocs.com